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Designed for life in motion

Imagine having insurance that doesn't cramp your style when you're out there living life to the fullest.

Well, that's where Spot comes in — insurance for the thrill-seekers, the adventurers, and anyone who's tired of playing it safe.

They get it; they want you to embrace the risks, chart unexplored territories, and have unforgettable adventures. With Spot, you can dive headfirst into the double black diamond, conquer that rugged single track, and go full yeet — always. 

What sets Spot apart is their dedication to taking care of the nitty-gritty insurance details behind the scenes while making sure you're covered doing basically anything your typical insurance won't cover. That means you can send it 24/7/365 without a second thought.

I had the privilege of being part of their journey, helping breathe new life into their brand, their voice, and their overall look and feel — all of which doubled down on living a life full of adventure.

Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023
Head of Creative, Art Director @ Shrimp & Grits (Owner)

Team Development + Concept + Storytelling + Creative Direction + Art Direction + Brand

Say goodbye to phone trees

Spot takes customer-first to another level. One that would even have the most seasoned insurance companies shivering in their ski boots.

Imagine the pain of having an accident. And then adding insult to injury by having an even more painful filing process. Yeah, that’s all gone with Spot.

They’ve hung up on the traditional phone tree model, instead greeting with a real, warm-blooded human being on the other end of all emails, texts or phone calls. It’s a game-changer, really.

And they’ve got an uncanny knack for knowing that less is more — fewer questions asked makes for less hassle. That’s why the brand visuals are simple, clean and easy to follow. 

No fuss. No frills. Just the kind of service that leaves you wondering why it took so long for someone to do it this way.

Every jump.
Every time.

Spot may be the only insurance company inviting chaos to an already accident prone sport.

At USA BMX Grands, we asked participants to go full yeet knowing they’re covered with every pedal stroke.


Adventure awaits

When it comes to Spot handing you promotional items — forget about keychains and stress balls.

They understand the essence of the sports they’re deeply involved in, and that’s why we chose to partner with the best in the game. Take, for instance, our collaboration with Glade Optics.

Together we created a limited run of Spot x Glade goggles that are five-star rated and earned the coveted Blister Best nod.

This is the life that Spot is here to represent, reserving space for those who live life at full throttle and who don’t shy away from the next adrenaline-packed run or ride. So when Spot hands you something, you can bet it’s not something for your keychain — it’s an invitation for adventure.

Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023
Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023
Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023

Get out and cozy up

Striking the collaboration bell again, but this time with Rumpl. Another fan favorite of the outdoors.

An all-season blanket that is incredibly packable for any adventure, anywhere at any time. It keeps you warm in the rugged outdoors to the coziness of your living room. It’s like having a personal slice of comfort with you — no matter where your wanderlust takes you.

Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023
Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023
Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023
Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023
Spot x Collin Findlay, April 2023

Way, way
out and about

Behold the marvel that is our Mercedes Sprinter van, transformed into the ultimate Mountain Assault Vehicle (MAV).

This van is more than just wheels; it’s a beacon of adventure.

Wrapped and having undergone a meticulous conversion, it’s designed to be a trusty companion on the path less traveled.

Our MAV shows up at events and alongside our partners, ready to support our adventure-loving customers.

Need your bike tires refilled before hitting the trail?
Consider it done.

Craving a ski tune-up before shredding the slopes?
We’re on it.

The rolling adrenaline mobile has all the gear you need for a day of epic adventure.

Real over everything

At Spot, we’ve always felt that our photography should capture the essence of living life with wild abandon.

We’ve never been too concerned with the pristine, picture-perfect image that some insurance brands seem to chase.

After all, we’re not about keeping up appearances; we’re about embracing life at our own rhythm, blemishes, wrinkles, and all. Wrinkles, you see, they tell stories — tales of laughter, sun-soaked days, and adventures etched into our very beings.

And that out-of-place chair in the shot? Well, it’s just a reminder that life is a bit messy and wonderfully imperfect.

We’re in constant pursuit of authenticity through our photography, a reflection of the real people who live their lives unscripted. That means our camera needs to be right where the action is, where the laughter is loudest and where the adventure is most daring.

Because when you’re living life to the fullest, who has time for perfectly posed photos anyway?


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